Half of Twenty Two

Writer, Producer, Director:  Laralee List

Genre:  Family, Comedy, Drama, Musical



Miranda, an 11 year old lover of books, who yearns to someday be a famous author, begins her day in her usual way...shall we just say, she is not a morning person? Miranda attends 6th grade at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School. On this day we become familiar with Miranda and 5 of her closest girl friends as they take us on a journey through what it's like to be an 11 year old girl in the 21st century. Having lunch in the park during a field trip, where they've gone to gather fossils, they hilariously reveal their pre-teen insecurities and complaints of having no control over not only their lives, but the daily changes in their own bodies. We take a comical journey through Miranda's imaginary music video and possibly meet her true love. Everything is fun and gleeful...until Miranda's world is turned dramatically upside down, and she is hurled sideways into reality.

© 2020 by Minoan Temple Studios


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