The Girls of St. Joan

Creator:  Laralee List

Genre: TV-14 ~

Original Family/Fantasy/Goddess Lore/Action/Adventure/Supernatural Series


 Ancient celestial goddesses converge, gathering forces with other supernaturals, to reawaken these prophesied, mystical warrior-maidens.


The Girls of St. Joan is a new series, announced and with fingers crossed, and wishes made, that will begin filming in 2018. 


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Projects in Development


Creator:  Laralee List

Feature Film

Genre:  Family, Historical Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama


A hauntingly dramatic glimpse into the lives of all those who lived during the Texas Revolution of 1835-1836.


A never before seen depiction of the average, regular, people, of "every" nationality, who lived during the Texas Revolution, and how they really endured the battles surrounding them.

More projects announced very soon...